Fun Fast-paced Accounting Firm Seeking Cat Herder

About us: 8 amazing accounting professionals in an awesome downtown Vancouver , WA office.  Not quite Parks and Recreation but not as bad as the Apprentice.  Not even close.  The front desk has a great view of Smith Tower and the Broadway Building – and a glimpse of the I-5 bridge if you lean over far enough.

About the position: We need someone who can successfully herd cats and handle the massive confusion of a busy accounting practice front desk.  Working closely with the office manager, our herder extraordinaire will be able to easily handle a dozen simultaneous phone calls, 8 walk-in clients, 2 accountant’s wondering where documents are and a printer that has been known to eat small children.

In the remaining 30 minutes of your day, you will help keep the office manager sane by accurately keeping track of every odd-ball document and work product that comes and goes.  Since everything gets scanned and loaded into a document management system, we do expect our cat herder to know more about computers and office equipment than how to push the power button.

Oh and it is slightly stressful between January 15 and April 15.  So… if your doctor suggested giving up skydiving this probably isn’t a good fit for you.

Sense of humor optional but highly recommended.  Mind readers strongly encouraged to apply.  But then, you already knew that, didn’t you?

About you: You are a people person who can project sympathy for a wealthy person who owes tax and yet be totally ruthless when it comes to the excuses why they can’t pay their bill.  You appreciate hard work but have a strong emotional attachment to laziness.  You often day-dream about the ultimate prank to play on coworkers but are realistic enough to realize that a water balloon filled with sour milk going off in a desk drawer will create a little too much mess… and you will likely have to clean it up.  Please be the type who doesn’t lose the car keys more than twice a week or your car more than once a month.

Our ideal cat herder will have between zero and gazillion years of experience.  This position can be part-time (this works very well if you have a twin) or full-time.  Whether this is your first position or the last one you ever want, it can be a great place to work.  I know, I work here.

If the place, position and description interest you, please email a brief story about what you can bring to our little troupe of wizards.  Or, if you wish, you can email a boring resume and cover letter.  Please, not too boring.

If you prefer, you can reply to our traditional ad here.

Sorry, there are no bonus points for applying in both places.

We are really looking forward to your response.

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