Artis, Pine, Berg & Scott, CPA’s

As I mentioned on the experience page, this was my first CPA firm.  They were rare for a large local firm in that they had a dedicated audit team and I was thrilled to join it.  The other firm members were all tax but 4 of us designed and performed the audits for

  • a large international retailer who was considering going public ($500MM in sales in 1992).
  • 3 Auto dealerships where we had to physically inspect autos due to specific identification rules
  • 6 co-operatives handling citrus fruit in the central valley
  • 2 for-profit educational schools who received substantial federal grants and loans
  • 2 dozen water districts – which are special districts in the state of California with responsibility for assessing use fees to farmers and ranchers who paid to have a canal system built and who then draw water to irrigate their crops and herds.

As the junior member, I was responsible for almost all the field work on most of those engagements.  But even as a junior, I was given responsibility to assist in the planning of audit procedures, evaluating the audit evidence and, before I left, was reviewing workpapers on the larger engagement where members of the tax team performed on the audit.

It was a great firm and I only left because I had the opportunity to join a large regional firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon.