John Caughell has been in the service of providing accounting, tax and business advice since 1992.  John has been with firms in Visalia, California, Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.  His focus while in public accounting was on Compilation and Review services and entity taxation for several hundred small businesses.  Industries he supported include construction, manufacturing, real estate development, retail/wholesale, and not-for-profits.  He also helped develop the firms business advisory services section, focused on helping clients streamline their businesses and understand how to more effectively use resources to grow profitably.

John handled substantially all the firms practice development and staff management.  He was the treasurer for several not-for-profits in Clark County, Washington and represented his firm at all community events.

John took a break from public accounting in 2010 to join a cloud computing startup business as Director of Business Development and Strategic Planning.  In this role, John designed the business plan, created the sales literature, designed the marketing and promotional collateral and hired and trained the sales team.

In 2014, John was brought onboard full time as Controller and CFO for a local business.  This Company had 4 divisions and a wholly-owned subsidiary.  John’s responsibility was to streamline the accounting department, create new processes and workflows, and help the management team understand the financial impact of operating decisions.

In 2016, John joined the firm of Currie & McLain, a CPA firm in Vancouver, Washington.  John’s primary focus will be on working with the staff on Audit, Review and Compilation services and entity tax support.  He will also be a key part of the firm’s practice development and new client acquisitions.

In 2017, Currie & McLain decided to spin off their HOA Audit division.  John joined Doug McLain in forming C.O.R.E. Services, LLC, a company that focuses almost exclusively on audits and reviews of commonly owned real estate associations.  They also perform audit and review services for small to medium sized businesses throughout Oregon and Washington.

C.O.R.E. is also involved in a super secret Project Q.  All John will say is that their goal is to put some “accountability” back into accounting.  Perhaps a little too cryptic but for those who know him, it is par for the course.  Look for more news on Project Q soon.

In his spare time, John and his wife Kubae enjoy traveling around the Pacific NW in search of great wines and spending time with their children and new born grandchildren. Oh and Ginger, Kubae’s therapy dog – part Jack Russell Terrier and part Corgy.  She is adorable and she knows it.