Crestline Culture Fair

Good morning.

A short post this fine day as I have a meeting coming up in a little bit.  I wanted to share about last night’s adventure at Crestline Elementary for David’s Third Grade Culture Fair.


My fine young gentleman chose to honor his Mexican culture for the event.  When I interviewed him for this post, he was absolutely thrilled I was going to be blogging about him and his work.

He had to do all his own research about Mexico.  When asked how he started his research, he replied, “Grandma”.  Smart kid.


He even hand-sketched the National Flag of Mexico.


Kubae enjoyed the food court where she sampled Churros, Pan Dulce (this was David’s potluck dish), and Crimean candy.  We asked David how we came up with the idea for Pan Dulce and his reply, “Grandma.”  I know it is hard to tell in this picture but I caught him just beginning to laugh as he answered this question.  He still has to work on his poker face.

I am proud of David’s work and of course the hard work all the kids put into their culture boards and the foods provided by the families.  Congratulations to David and all the 3rd Graders of Crestline Elementary!


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