Exciting Announcement

I am excited to share the news that I am returning to Public Accounting.  After 5 years of a great experience helping VSource Systems and US Cryogenics with their accounting, finance, business development and strategic planning I have joined the Vancouver firm of Currie & McLain.  I am absolutely delighted to join a firm that shares many of my visions about how the future of accounting and client relationships are going to change in our fluid, virtual future.

For those of you who recall my blogs for both Golden & Company and Argentstratus, I tend to discuss both current relevant topics and my musings on the future of business and, in this case, accounting.  I will write about the issues I see (genericized to protect identities of course) and some ways to resolve the issues. I would also be thrilled to have a conversation with you about your business and share your insights on this blog.

For my 100 day “honeymoon” period, I will be focusing on the firm’s processes and looking at how work gets done, with an eye to evaluating what that work can look like in a fully virtual world.  My goals is always looking at process improvement to ensure the client’s needs are met consistently and effectively – focused on meeting the client’s budget and expectations.

If you have questions that you do not mind having answered in public, I will have a Q&A section to help us all.  As I get settled in, I will also be available for free, no-cost or obligation consultations.  Yes, there are rules, limitations and exclusions, but I personally believe that by serving each other, we grow stronger and better.

I am looking forward to catching up and sharing with you.

Your friend in business.

John Caughell




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